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Brothers and Sisters,

As you may or may not be aware, the STD organization signed an agreement with the Carrier wherein they agreed to establish new utility rosters. The new utility rosters have subsequently been created.  After reviewing the newly established rosters we’ve found that the rosters excluded individuals with trainmen seniority that were listed on previous utility rosters.  

The BLET is commited to protecting engineers trainman seniority; therefore if you find that you have been excluded from the new roster, below you’ll find sample letters you may use to send to the STD organization and the Carrier to protest your seniority.  Simply click on the link that aligns with your trainmen seniority location, once opened you’ll need to fill in the required fields on both letters, print/sign and mail (certified) them to each respective recipient. 


Denver Hub Letter

Salina Hub Letter

Zone 100 Letter

Zone 200 Letter