RE05 Mileage Regulation

  1. Check board and make sure everyone is tied up from the previous date.
  2. Check board inquiry for WX510 RE05 ENG display by Blue Print hit CTRL F. Search for UNA (unassigned turns) and MU (make up turns).
  3. Go to bottom of board inquiry and get number of turns exclude the unassigned and make up turns.
  4. Go to Pool Maintenance then mileage inquiry date range 7 days from previous day WX510-RE05 dropdown is ENG and TYPE is Summary.
  5. Hit Online Print and get basic miles.

Equation basic miles divided by 7 multiplied by 30 (days in a month) divided by current numbers of turns. Number should be between 3500-3800

Example 30801 total miles divided by 7 days X 30 day month divided by 34 turns = 3882