In late 2020, the Brotherhood’s Relief and Compensation Fund embarked upon a systematic transition of the entire membership to the Direct Debit/Deposit (DD/D) payment plan. The Fund will no longer be subjected to irregularities of carrier administration nor the uncertainty of the future availability of dues collection via payroll deduction. Thus far, approximately 15,000 members have enrolled in the DD/D payment plan.


The DD/D payment plan has been designed with the primary goal of making it simple for you to remain “In Good and Regular Standing” and therefore continuously eligible to receive the valuable income protection that arises from your membership in the Fund.  Having active account information on file also expedites the delivery of membership benefits, referral fees, and dues refunds, which may be directly deposited to your account as soon as the same business day.  


BR&CF will exclusively employ the DD/D payment plan to automatically deduct monthly membership dues from your bank account (savings or checking) on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month. Please note:  As long as your account information remains valid, any monthly deduction missed will be made up by an automatic double deduction the following month. 

The final payroll deduction of BR&CF membership dues will be processed from the second pay half of June 2021. This deduction will be applied towards August 2021 dues. The BR&CF will correspond by letter and email in early July to those members affected.   


Enrollment is simple, secure, and takes less than 2 minutes. Please click HERE to complete and submit the electronic authorization form. You may also access the Direct Debit/Deposit Authorization Form by selecting Electronic Forms at


$70,000,000 of “Held Out of Service” Benefits Paid to the Membership from 2016 – 2020!


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