Division 183 Home Page

Division 183 Meets The 2nd Monday Of The Month At 9 a.m.

Teamster Hall 4349 S. 90th St, Omaha, NE

9:00 am

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2021 Study Guide

2021 Annual Rules Study Guide Click HERE

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Restricted Prescription Drugs

To View the list of Restricted Presciption Drugs click HERE

Operation Redblock

To Mark Off Redblock Call 866-311-7255

For Questions about Redblock please call Matt Schumacher 402-215-9686

Disability Insurance

As a Member of the BLET, You have Multiple options for Disability Insurance. While the BLET can not endorse any particular company, the BLET did help acquire these group policies.


Cornerstone:          847-387-3555

   SunLife  (Managed by Cornerstone Carrier Provided)

Railroad Marketing:    888-646-9951

USI:     915-534-9451


Outlying Vacancies

Extraboard Engineers: If you are on an outlying vacancy, released, and have enough time under hours of service you MUST DH to home terminal! If you take rest at outlying job
under this circumstance your guarantee will be forfeited for that half.

If you are on an outlying vacancy, not released, and CMS calls you on your rest to release you then, You are entitled to a 1 1/2 hour call and subsequent
DH time.

The only 2 circumstances that will allow an Engineer to take rest at an outlying point is (a) Not Released or (b) Released but can not make it to home
terminal under the hours of service. If (b) is the situation you must notify CMS you are taking rest at outlying location. Under this circumstance you will not
get a call to DH home but rather on rest will DH home.